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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Soccer Champ

Tonight was Kay's very first Soccer game. He woke up this morning so excited for the chance to play that he was pretty distraught when I told him that his game wasn't until this evening. He only half felt better when I explained that since it was in the evening I could go (where as in the morning I'd be a school).  At least he half felt better.

I was decently productive at school today. Although, I do still have Math and History homework due before 9am tomorrow. Another early morning? I'm so ready to turn in right now. I spent most of my homework day working on a hand written book about orthography. I wrote it all in pencil first (because I kept making a zillion and two mistakes) so I had to trace over it all in pen.

I was tracing for 2 straight hours with no break. It was so painful. My poor right hand had such a rotten cramp in it. When I took a potty break and was washing my hands, I think my hand about melted in the warm water. I stood at the sink for longer than usual.

Anyways I got it done. Hallelujah. And then I went home to enjoy Kay's soccer game. He really did great at the soccer part, but I think we're going to have to have a family home evening lesson on the proper way to treat the "other" team. Let's just say somebody has seen The Little Rascals more times than he should have.

He also got his very first sports injury. His teammate and he went for the ball at the same time and bonked heads. I asked him if he wanted a super strength hug to help him feel better. He took the hug, but then got mad at me and told me "That's not even a real thing mom!" But...he got back in the game... so methinks he was wrong ;].

In all it was a fun night cheering on my boy. We've done swim lessons before, but never a team sport. We are charting new territory, but to be honest I absolutely love it. It is a role reversal for me. My mom went to every one of my team practices and feels so nice to be able to play the other side of it for my kids. I hope they will want me around like I wanted my mom around (even in high school).

A mommy can dream right?

By the way. Emmie always thinks anything we ever do is awesome. Can't you tell? The excitement just exudes!


  1. It looks like my boy (from the pictures) scored a goal? Good Luck in this next stage of parenting and family life! You have the support of FIL. Go get'um Kay and Mommy! Oh and such a short time left of this installment of college. You'll make it!

  2. Kay is such a cute boy. I’m glad that he still enjoyed his soccer game, despite the injury he sustained after bonking heads with his teammate. Oh well, injuries are part of being an athlete. He needs to be strong and learn the proper attitude in dealing with such injuries. It’s good that you’re on his side that time and gave him comfort. Anyway, thanks for sharing that, Megan! All the best to your family!

    Madalyn Oconnell @ SHC Denver


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