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Monday, June 23, 2014

Game nights, camping, and more game nights...

Someday I'll learn how to make better decisions. In the meantime, I'll run myself ragged doing work and then having fun.Right now I have a major ear ache with a small headache to match and a slightly swollen throat. I think I overdid it this week. It was a fun one though.

This last Thursday we had our friends the G's and the E's over for a BBQ and game night. Originally, we were supposed to go Frisbee golfing as well...but with a test that day and some homework due that next morning, it wasn't in the cards.

Instead, everyone met up at our place where we ate yummy food outside on the patio and then went in later for games and dessert. I didn't get a picture of it, but Erin brought over a cake that said, "Game On!"

Did I ever mention I love the people around here?

(Emmie thought dinner was delicious.)

Friday, I still had school and a bit of homework to do...which I still haven't completely finished to date.  But a few of my classes were cancelled so I headed home early to help my husband and kids get ready to go camping.

Everything was packed and waiting by the door when I got home at 11:30, but it still took till about 12:30 or 1:00 to get everything and everyone in the car... and then we had errands. Those lasted us till about 3:00. Doesn't ask me hoooow or whyyyyy.... but they did.

So about 3:00, with our new fishing poles, bait, and day only license in hand... we headed North to meet some friends we haven't hung out with in such a long time...and who I miss incredibly! Such cool people and great friends! =]

The camping site our friends found was fantastic. And free. Which might have been why I thought it was fantastic. Not to mention the beautiful low shallow creek nearby. That was fun to walk down to with the kids so we could play.

There were ants. And the pollen on the trees exploded like little powder bombs every time someone touched a branch. And there was no bathroom. But it seriously was still one of my favorite camping trips of all time.
I feel like I'm finally starting to settle into the adult role of camping now...and I like it. Cooking, cleaning, watching the kids run a muck. It was nice.

(I think we might need to teach Kay to be more careful about finger selection...)

We did a few hikes, one to some beautiful falls and another to a log cabin that a man had built, himself, by hand back in the 1920's or 30's. It sat on the side of a mountain at the head of a very large crystal clear stream. I told Kevin I wish we could find some prime real estate like that. I happily imagined myself sleeping in late, with a cool quiet breeze coming in, eating relaxed meals on the deck, and reading lots and lots of books.

Which is nothing what it would really look like. It would look like... kids waking up too early, not liking what we prepared for meals...and running a muck around the mountainside and in the stream while I frantically tried to keep up with them to make sure nobody fell or drowned.

 But I still kinda like the sound of that crazy hectic cabin life too. ;]

I wish my kids had more land and freedom to run a muck in every once in a while. I was lucky to grow up in a house surrounded by lots of acreage. I want my kids to experience more freedom!

 I guess that just means we need to camp more. Nobody needs to pull my teeth.

After the hikes, we headed back to camp to make lunch and let the kids play in the stream. It stayed hot and sunny for them for about 15 minutes...and then it got cold and windy. So we got them all dried up and dressed... and the sun came back out. Curse you, volatile weather! Oh well. The kids still had fun!

After lunch our friends packed up and headed home. And since we bought fishing gear and a day fishing license we unsuccessfully tried to find a place to fish around 5:00 that night. Next time, we really just need to choose a place beforehand and make a day of it.

(Bahaha. He's gonna hate me when he sees this. Don't worry babe. I still think you're cute, even when you're stuffing your face.)

Anyways, we stopped by a dock on the side of a large river and the boys got out to try and catch me some fish, ;], but it started pouring the minute they got out of the car. My boys, being troopers, they went fishing anyways and Kay sang "Rain, rain, go away..." in utter defiance. Which it did proceed to go away... just as soon as they got back in the car, fish-less and with one tangled up mess of a pole, ready to go home.

Honestly, it was fun though =]. We are excited that we just finally went FISHING. As not ideal as it was, it was very important that we did it. Kay was out of his mind excited all weekend that we were going to go... so it would have been a heartbreaking blow if we did not. So, we did! And we learned! And next time we hope to spend much more time...and be much more successful.

So after fishing, we rushed home, threw the kids and ourselves in the shower, got dressed really quickly, put the kids in jammies, and headed over to the D's home to play games and eat delicious pie and ice cream. It is fun to find friends that enjoy playing games as much as you do! And as usual, I had a blast playing the game, thinking I was doing great...until the end, when I realized everyone had totally trashed my can ;P. But that is okay. I kinda like games that I don't realize how badly I'm doing until the end. I'm able to maintain my blissful state of ignorance that way and really enjoy myself!

The kids had fun too and watched Megamind and Duck Tales (awesome. I haven't that show in forever! I went to check on Emmie for a second and all the kids were glued and giggling. Proof my generations' cartoons were the best.) and they also ate pie and ice cream. And oh yah. We brought soda. So they and we also all drank soda. =D.

Can you tell it's been a busy week yet? And we are just gearing up for another. I have to get a new license this week, not to mention soccer games, school presentations, a lesson to plan for my kindergartners on Wednesday, Kevin's calling obligations and more.

This is why I took a really huge stinking long nap today. Here's to our ability to learn how to prioritize better and also somehow meet our obligations, as well as our basic human needs for fun and socialization. Hopefully will get it all figured out. Sooner or later.


  1. Wow, that looked like a fun camping trip! I am in agreement with you concerning the cabin. I bet it was beautiful there. A place like that has always been a dream of mine too.

    That stream was just perfect for all the children. I bet they all had a lot of fun. You got some great pictures of your trip.


  2. Holy cow, I had no idea how busy you were that week you came over. :) Thanks for coming, we seriously had so much fun! You guys are awesome game players.


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