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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

36 tacos, a double date, and some Kid History.

Today was a busy but fun day. And I am so exhausted and ready for bed. I only had two classes today, so I got to come home early and take my kids to play at a new friends house <3. I brought my camera...but then didn't take any pictures. First time at the new house. Taking photos might have been creepy? I left my camera bag by my shoes and I just enjoyed visiting and watching the kids play. This family is so sweet and awesome and my kids and I had a blast just hanging out.

 Annnnd, we might have left super jealous over the awesome wooden fort complete with slide that they built in their family room. Amazing.

After the playdate we came home so mommy could do some homework and daddy could get dinner going. Our neighbors offered to make us some dinner, so Kevin took the kids for a walk and I spent way too much time working on a hand printed booklet I have to turn in for one of my literacy classes.

My visiting teachers came over while my neighbors were making us dinner (ha, we're so lazy!!!) and the kids thought it would be an fantastic idea if in the midst of all of this they systematically emptied the upstairs linen closet, dumping all the blankets over the balcony railing.


We still haven't picked them up. Because we're cool like that. But no, seriously. If you came over right now...there would be a big pile of blankets sitting in my foyer blocking the front door.

After my nice visit with my visiting teachers we ate a yummy dinner of street tacos. The number 36 is the total number of tacos we ate between the 6 of us (the kids only having one each). It was pretty epic. And then we ate banana splits. And watched some Kid History videos on youtube. Why have I never seen those before?!


Anyways. Then we said good night to friends and I did homework till midnight. The very very end.


  1. Oh so tired from reading your busy post! Keep going, you'll finish with flying colors! I am glad you are posting again. It is nice to see the family and hear a little bit of your lives. You guys are loved!

  2. What a busy day, but a fun one. The kids were having so much fun with the blankets!! I remember those days with our boys. You'll be happy you have this blog to look back on.


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