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Monday, June 16, 2014

Cold Breeze

It's cold and gloomy over here this evening. The house smells like donuts and I can faintly hear the sound of my husband reading a bedtime story to the kids. I like how cool the air feels. How quiet the evening is. I still have more homework to do but I think it'd be so good for me to just soak in the peace and serenity while I can. I can always wake up early.

Tonight for family home evening we made homemade donuts and watched Geek Charming. I've seen it  over a dozen times and I still think it is the cutest little chick flick. I'm not even ashamed. The kids liked it too. Husband included =]. I like my little family.

It's been pretty silent over here for a while. School has been really kicking my butt. I mean, I'm keeping up with it just fine. But that seems to be mostly all I'm doing in general. Recently I've had a bit more free time...but not enough to really justify blogging. I've spent my spare moments soaking up the snuggles with my babies and going on fun outings, trying to take advantage of any summer activities that I can. We aren't going to get as many of them as we have been used to (husband's a teacher, yo. I'm spoiled.) But I'm enjoying what I get!

Anyways. Life is good. And I only have a few more weeks left of school. I can hang on until then. BTW, check out these yummy mushrooms our friends gave us tonight =] (there are only two left. I couldn't wait to eat mine!). We have awesome friends.


  1. Love the thoughts. :) Never heard of Greek Charming... tell me about it.

    1. Ahh, it is this amazingly cheesy high school chic flick Disney Original movie. It's on netflix. I'm sure it's not that great of a film in reality, but I love it =]]]]


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