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Friday, February 28, 2014

Oh, It Is Love...

It's Friday. It's the last day of the month. I'm listening to the Hellogoodbye station on Pandora (talk about flashbacks...) And I just have a few random thoughts I have to get out:

 1. Nothing makes me happier than getting my latest shipment from Amazon Prime. 

And how I know exactly what I'll be making for dinner, tonight <3!

2.  The fresh basil I just bought last night has already wilted.

Uhm, lame.

3. On a good note, I went on two 30 minute walks today. One to my friend's home to help with our community preschool (today we learned about rainforests!) and another on my way home.

It was brisk, but peaceful(the walk, not the pre school). Looking at my surroundings reminded me that while all I see everyday is my own story, there are so many different homes, traditions, families living their own wonderful lives. And how we are all more interwoven than we realize. We are not so compartmentalized as we might think.

4. The kids fell asleep on the way home. I celebrated my exhaustion and momentary freedom by lounging on my couch and watching star trek. 

 I was joined by my creepy clay snowman buddy sitting on a deformed multicolored planet....

5. My husband took a very important test today to renew his license. It has been a stressful process getting ready for this test. I have yet to talk to him yet, but he sent me a facebook message this afternoon informing me that he got two $2.00 off coupons for our local pizza buffet. Sweet!

So maybe we're not eating what I thought we were going to eat for dinner tonight, afterall. Pizza anyone?


6. Found this note on our door this morning before Kevin left for his test. Our neighbors are awesome.

I definitely agree. Nachoooooo! ;] and Good Luck Babe! Can't wait to hear how you did. Love you lots!

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you all have your own randomly fun moments this weekend!

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