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Thursday, February 20, 2014


... I'm carless. And I love it. Today I didn't have to go anywhere, if I didn't want to. So being an introvert, I naturally hung out at home all day and did relatively nothing. I did  at least one load of dishes and half way did the laundry... I got yesterday's load folded and put away ;].

I was also able to invite some friends over for a playdate, which was awesome cause I'm usually so busy we don't have time for that. It was nice not being the sole provider of entertainment, at least for a few hours. It was also fun watching my kids laugh and giggle with their friends. I had a perma-goofy smile as I watched them play, they were adorable.

(This is what fun looks like, btw.)

My friend, Sharee, also came to hang out today just 'cause. It was nice and kind of felt like having family around. I miss just hanging out for no particular with my brother and my sister in laws. Not having them near is one of the very few disadvantages of living where we live.

It was nice just being able to talk while the kids ran around the house and played. Considering we had 6 children running around in the house it is amazing to me how clean it still is at the end of the day!

We ate sweet pork burrito's tongiht and then put the kids to bed, after watching about half of an Angelina Ballerina movie. That movie was never going to end. Ever.

And now the kids are in bed. They fell asleep fast tonight. Probably because they didn't get any naps today. But I still had time to play a round of "Eye Spy" with Kay before we had some bedtime snuggles.

In all? Good day. And I'm tired.

Oh yah, did I mention we picked up our exercise equipment yesterday? Started day one of our new exercise routine this morning...and I'm already exhausted! If I ever feel tempted to not follow through, however, all I have to do is remind myself the massive amount of money we spent buying the darn things.

The least I can do now is follow through and have a totally awesomely healthy happy body. =].

Well, Emmie is now screaming upstairs. I knew it was too good to be true. See you friends. I'm off to administer more shhhhnuggles.

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