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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Monday that felt like a Saturday...

Yesterday my husband and I enjoyed a belated wedding anniversary celebration. We slept in until a glorious 7:30 am, cleaned our house that had been thrashed over the weekend, ate a brunch of german pancakes, put the kids down for naps and then headed out on the town once our babysitter came over =].

We happen to be one of the most romantic couples you'll ever meet, so of course we celebrated our special day by getting hair cuts, shopping for an elliptical, and eating sushi. ;P

We finished our night by renting Ender's Game from Redbox.

I wish I would have watched the movie before I read the book. It was too fast passed for my taste, leaving it feeling more like a synopsis of the book than a full motion picture. I think they need to start making books into TV series instead of movies. Especially one's like Ender's Game.

Anywho, qualms about the movie aside, it was a really fun anniversary. Babe, let's have another one next year ;)!

To my sweet husband:

Thank you for being my comfort and my strength. For working side by side with me. And for making me laugh, at least 100 times each day. Even when I'm mad or stuck in my depressed 'funk'. Thank you for spending  2 hours picking up dog poop in our yard after the snow melted. 
And for loving me. I am proud of you. Of us. Thank you for supporting me in doing what I need to do, whether that is school, doctors appointments, diet changes, etc. Thank you for being someone I can counsel and can be counseled by. Thank you for holding my hand. And for making sure to kiss me each morning before you leave for work. 
Thank you for being willing to try sushi 6 years ago and for watching Star Trek: Voyager each night with me before bed.   I like our love story better than anybody else's!


  1. I'm happy you guys had a nice belated anniversary and that you have each other. That was a sweet tribute.

  2. DIL,
    Ahhhhh! That was sweet! I'm glad the dog poop got picked up! He was well trained and experienced in that as a child! Sushi????? I think that is a communist plot meant to destroy the steak, potatoes and green beans industry!!!! But I am glad you two find pleasure in it. Your letter to your husband made me happy and feel warm and fuzzy all over! Give the kids a scratch behind the ears and the dog and cat a hug for me!!


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