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Monday, October 7, 2013


Been looking through some old photos lately, getting ready to make our family yearbooks. It is nuts to me how much my babies have grown. They were so little! 

Just babies! And now they are walking, talking, big kids! Emmie's language skills have just exploded recently. It is totally endearing and yet absolutely bittersweet. Where is my baby going?

And this little boy?! Aww, I miss these little squish-faces. 

Speaking of babies, jeeeeeez we look so young. 

Well, off to go soak in every moment I can of their child and toddlerhood. <333 I love, love, love them.


  1. Life is for the future, but it is good to remember the past and relive where we have been.

  2. It was so fun to see those little babies again. Wonderful memories.


  3. Lov the photos, and I think Emmie looks so much like you in some of these.


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