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Sunday, October 6, 2013

General Conference: They Talked About Depression!

Wow. Just... wow!

I know I've said before there isn't any way I could deny the existence of my loving Heavenly Father, but I just feel even more so the reality of His being...and of his Divine charity and grace towards us all.

I love General Conference! I don't think I could even accurately convey to you how much I LOVE it! And the messages shared this particular session were so personally and emotionally poignant for me.

I needed to know God loved me. I needed to know he cared. I needed to know that there were words from our dear sweet Apostles and Prophets about that which I, and so many others, struggle with.

And I was more than blessed with just such messages. Not one, but two!

Thank you, President Monson and Elder Holland. You have filled my heart. My soul is full of gratitude for your kind and loving remarks about the very thing that plagues and haunts me.

I love you for the time and service you put in, so that someone like me might hear the words that God needed me to hear.

I thank you for your service and I thank my Heavenly Father for His infinite love, again and again.

If you didn't get a chance to hear their messages I've linked them for you here:

Elder Jeffery R. Holland's Conference Talk

And here:

President Monson's General RS Meeting Talk: "We Never Walk Alone"

You can also check out the rest of the General Conference messages here:

October 2013 General Conference

What messages touched your heart this conference session?


  1. Elder Holland's talk was the best ever.........and at such a needed time. I think EVERYONE needs to hear that.

    1. Kristy, I agree! It was SO awesome. I'm kinda partial to Elder Holland anyways though! His talks are always so powerful =]!

  2. DIL,
    What I loved most was the focus that seemed to be directed through so many of the talks that 1. Jesus Christ is a real and caring God. 2. We should all be getting to know Him. 3. That we all should be actively working day by day to become more like Him and employ in ourselves His attributes. 4. That there are blessings abounding that we are unaware of that can be ours here on this earth and in the eternities if we strive to become more like Him. 5. The power and all completeness of His sacrifice for us. 6. The power and completeness of the Atonement. There seemed to be a drive through all the talks that, Yes we all know the church is true and we all know Jesus is the Christ, but are we striving little bit by little bit to "Come Unto Christ"? And that it is okay if we are not entirely succeeding, just as long as it is a desire and a focus. To me, this was some powerful stuff!

    1. FIL!
      I love what you shared! I hadn't thought of some of those things! I think it is awesome how we each come away with different counsel and direction for each of our personal lives! The messages that the spirit kept pointing out to me was to not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ, to diligently strengthen my testimony, to be grateful for the means you have and use the means you've got to do good, and to not be a moral coward or afraid to share and stand up for the gospel. The biggest thing for me was to not be afraid to be a missionary! Which... I've always struggled with!

    2. You are someone I thought of during this talk. Along with two other dear friends.


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