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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Plum Tired

Today, we turned plums into Jam. It was amazing how long it took to cut up all the fruit in that single bowl. Thankfully, I had myself a super duper helper.

Originally, I was reluctant to let Kay cut plums with me. It always seems counter intuitive to me to let him join in on situations like this, but yet again, I am grateful I changed my mind.

He was more than capable and a super big help. I gave him his own butter knife and cutting board and let him cut away.  A lot of the fruit he cut ended up smushed, but it was okay. It was going to be turned into jam anyways.

 He chose to sit with me and cut plums for an entire hour and a half. And he was happy as a lark to boot. We had fun chatting while we cut fruit together.

I decided to give Emmie her own cutting board and butter knife as well.

She worked on a single plum off and on, supplementing all of her hard work with occasional pleas to "Shhh! I on phone uh Gama!" (Shh, I'm on the phone with Grandma!) as she played with her vintage fisher price play phone.

We listened to music, chopped away, and finished preparing the fruit by 12pm.

If I had decided to NOT let Kay help me cut the plums, our morning would have been a lot less peaceful.

Not to mention productive. It would have taken me a whole lot longer to cut the plums, not only because I wouldn't have had the extra hands, but also because all of the time I would have had to spend trying to appease the kids while I worked.

So, it may have seemed counter intuitive at first to say 'Yes,' but in all actuality, it ended up being the best, least stressful, road to travel. A road full of learning opportunities, genuinely engaging activities, and memory making.

I really ought to say 'Yes,' more often.

Have you recently changed your mind and let your children help with a project, activity, or chore you originally didn't want their assistance with? How did it end up? To tell the truth, I am constantly amazed at how much my sweet children can do, whenever I am smart enough to not stop them from trying!


  1. I like this. I like it a lot! I think there are a lot of times when I should say yes and I say no instead. Thanks for the reminder. And PLUM jam? I've never made that before. I make strawberry and raspberry freezer jam every year. I love it!! Where did you get your plums? Can we trade a jar of jam? I'll give you one of my freezer jams if you let me have some plum.... what do you think? :)

  2. -DIL-
    One of my fondest childhood memories is fall canning season. My little brother and I would help Mama can fruit, vegetables, make jam and sauces. I am sure we were a little help to her and the time spent harvesting, preserving and such has put a life long desire in the fall to "put up" as much as I can for the coming winter. This fall as Ann and I did this, I spent many hours enjoying the memories of the past and creating new ones. Yesterday morning Ann and I prepared and dried a dryer full of Asian Pears. This morning we did another batch. Good times! And good for you! If you get another batch of plums, try making plum butter. Yummy!! You can make it in the crock pot very easily. Look on line for some good recipes.


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