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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Back Home

 I can finally say, 'Wow! Wasn't General Conference great?!' Even if it was a few weekends ago, I just barely got the chance to watch the Sunday afternoon session on my Roku! I love modern technology! And the ability to do my dishes and be spiritually edified at the same time.


Sad truth, however, as my printer is currently ink-less I didn't get the chance to print up my conference prep pack (see here) before conference started. Not that being out of town unexpectedly for a funeral helped much either... but still.

(Enjoyin' some Zzz's after our long trip away...)

Gahh! I continue to be major bummed out about it. I love being able to put all my thoughts and questions down beforehand and watch how clearly those little wonders of mine are answered.

It is on my to do list, however, to go and get them printed up anyways (from Kinkos or the like). That way, I can transpose the notes I did take over onto the prep pack! And write more musings on them as I go through each talk once the text versions are available (which they should be by now!).

Anyways, happy to be home. And for our long, long, super long 14 hour drive to be over. All things considered the trip back was fairly smooth. Minus the part where little Em puked all over herself and the backseat. And how Kay begged incessantly for food (the whole trip), just to revile in disgust at whatever I would offer him.

(Love my snuggle babies.)

That may sound sarcastic. But it's not. Seriously, those were the only two issues... for 14 hours! And I couldn't have been more grateful and thrilled! Granted, this was the first time their seats were not side by side (We were in my SIL's van and put them in separate rows. Hallelujah!). But to their credit, we didn't even have very much to entertain the lil fellahs!

They were serious champs.

So here we are again. Back home. And ready to start back into the thick of things. Which means it's bedtime for this lady.

Happy Living, ya'll!

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