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Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Ton of Changes

I've got a lot to do today, but everyone deserves a few minutes to sit down and do something that they really enjoy. So blog I will!

Thank you so much, everyone, for the love and support you have shown me since I last posted. Depression is a scary thing on its own, not to mention the prospect of sharing such an experience with others.

To be honest, that post sat as a draft for well over a month until I could finally muster the courage to hit 'Publish.' But I'm glad I did. I feel like I can more openly share my experiences and trials and triumphs and insights as a person now.

Not that I am some all great source of wisdom, or anything. But everyone has a different voice, a different way of saying the same thing. So even if what I share is nothing new in the field of "dealing with depression,"  because I might use different words to explain it, it might make sense to someone else in a way they had never been able to understand before.

Plus, the whole 'knowing-you're-not-alone' thing. That helps a lot too.  It gives you the courage to make the changes that need to be made. To take the first step about doing something about your situation. The confidence to start becoming better while trying not to beat yourself up in the meantime.

Speaking of changes, our family is going through a ton of them right now.  As my family and friends and facebook already know, we just bought our very first home! Forgive me for a lack of photos at this point. Our new home is currently in the middle of moving mayhem.

Not to mention, we're still unpacking from our recent (and impromptu) travel for my grandpa's funeral. At least all the laundry in the suitcases is clean. I've just got to get around to hanging it all up.  And putting up the kids bookshelves. And setting up the playrooms. And unpacking the kitchen. And...


As far as other changes---lifestyle. The healthy living challenge has been a serious blessing (Thank you, Andrea for suggesting it!) in my quest to exercise happiness in my life.  As I'll eventually get around to posting more about soon, the number one thing I've learned about handling depression is that there is no one easy answer that will fix the problem (for me anyways).

There is so much more to it than just taking a prescription (which, for me, ended up being a fiasco). In my case, for instance, diet and exercise, while not solving the problem, by any means, have still helped me in leaps and bounds to manage my depression.

So the healthy living challenge has helped me be more consistent in my efforts. I'll ask my friend if I can share the challenge on here. She gave me a calendar to print off where you can track your progress each day as far as living the healthy living goals (there are nine of them in this case). Each goal you "pass off" for the day, you get a point.  If I can get permission to share, I'll post the word doc on here later today.

Anyways. It is off to go take care of my long and ever growing to do list.  Live life. (Try to) Be happy! Smile.

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  1. My sister has managed her depression for several years with exercise, those endorphins really help! Please post that healthy living challenge if you can. Now that I am cleared to walk/jog again and have taken advantage of the few good (non rainy) weather days we've had recently I am feeling better and motivated to bump up my activity levels! I even got Chad to take a long walk with the littles and the dog and I, it was great!


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