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Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Few Articles that have helped me in my Depression and Anxiety

While I am recovering from a few major surgeries, I thought I would share a few articles that I have read recently that have really helped me in regards to my struggles in the area of depression and anxiety.

Depression hits so many people in so many different ways, so these articles may be helpful to you, but they may not as well.

As for me, however, these articles and talks are like a breath of fresh air. And so, on the off chance that these may touch and heal your hearts as well, I figured I'd share:

The Savior Wants to Forgive

Raising Resilient Children

Notwithstanding My Weakness

I testify to you that Jesus Christ loves each and every one of us. And can help us overcome each of our own personal struggles, whatever they might be.

Now go, read, enjoy.  =].

UPDATE: I fixed the link for the article 'Raising Resilient Children.' I just went to cross reference it and realized it didn't work. Woops! Hope you can go check it out now and enjoy it!

Sincerely, Megan <3

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