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Friday, September 28, 2012


So… before we begin. Well, I mean.. really begin, ya know? Not like that last post kind of  begin. Or this post kind of begin. But before the kind of begin where I stop giving you pick up lines so you will stay and read my blog? Well before that kind of begin,  I thought I’d introduce ya’ll to my lovely little family. Well, and to me too! I don’t believe we’ve met ;].

My name is Megan. I am a wife and a mother of two. I am currently a work-at-home-mommy. I manage for an apartment complex. Very soon here I get to be  stay-at-home-mommy (<3) . Then I will get to just manage my munchkins. =] Well…and the laundry. The dishes. Dinner? And vacuuming… ;)
My hobbies change as often as the wind comes and goes (you’ll see!), but my passions to teach, create, and organize have yet to make me bored. I am currently differing my education until my children are old enough to attend school, but in a few years I’ll go back and finish my Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education. Yep, thats right folks. The way I calculate it, by the time I actually do graduate, it will have taken me a total of 10 years to finish my undergrad. 
....I’m so awesome. 
But you know what? It will be more than worth it. It already has been. I could have finished in four years. But then I wouldn't have the priveledge of currently being the mother of two wonderful little children, Kay and Em.

My hus just graduated from  'Undisclosed University' (I'm telling ya, I'm still a bit paranoid...) and will be teaching this upcoming school year. Suddenly, I've become that creepo that has a crush on a teacher. I guess it can't be that weird if your married to said teacher... right? ;)

Kay is my ever energetic 3 year old son. He keeps me on my toes. And he is convinced he is a turtle. I'm pretty sure he doesn't know his real last name, he just assumes it's 'the turtle.' My name is Kay, Kay the Turtle!  We assume this identity crisis began sometime after Halloween last year. He did dress up as Rafael...

Em is my sweet little 13 month old. Is she really that big already? I refuse to believe it.  She is a mischief maker. She growls at other little kids at the library. She smiles like an imp. She has us utterly and completely wrapped around her cutie pie finger. Especially daddy, who slips her soda and ice cream whenever I'm not looking.
So, that is our family! Can't wait to get to know you all a little bit more!

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