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Monday, October 1, 2012

Follow the Prophet ( & a freebie!)

UPDATE: Check out the 2013 version here!

(Note: I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints. Bi-annually, my church holds meetings over the weekend called General Conference. Each meeting is called a session. General Conference is a wonderful opportunity for us to hear from the Prophet and Apostles. It is broadcast world wide. To learn more about my church and general conference you can go to

A few months before April's General Conference, while I was wasting time briefly browsing Pinterest, I ran into this little beauty right here:

If you haven't checked out Shannon's website (, I suggest you go check it out. Right. Now. Such fun little gems on her site! Especially the wonderful Scripture Study journals pictured above!

Looking through these study journals she put together, plus her tips on how to use them, seriously inspired me. And as I drooled over how badly I wanted to buy me one of these bad babies... I was suddenly inspired  (lights from heaven, angel chorus, the works ;P)!

Inspired by all the possibilities!  Why, if you could have a wonderfully organized pre-printed study journal for scriptures... why not have one for your church meetings too? Say like... General Conference!

Ahhh, now you're followin' me ;P

Which is how and when I came up with my 'General Conference Preparation Pack'. Which I will be sharing with whoever may want it...fooooooh FUH-REE! Man, I like that word.

 Fah-ree, Furry, Farree, free!


 This template has undergone a few changes since April, so forgive my slightly outdated photos. I had originally made it for my own personal use. And I was going for function, not fashion.

So here's how my little printable works:

A few weeks before conference weekend, I print myself up my General Conference Prep Pack.  The first page only needs to be printed once and is meant to be revisted several times before, during, and after General Conference is over.   The second page, the Insight Journal, can be printed for as many talks as you want to take notes for.

 I would suggest printing on both the fronts and backs of your paper, not only to save yourself a few pennies, but also to make it more streamlined.  After I have printed up my template, I go ahead and hole punch them and put them under the "General Conference" tab of my church binder (which someday I really should post about more in depth).

 The first page of the pack is titled 'Personal Reflection Sheet'. This is the page where, you guessed it, personally reflect on several things:

 (First) What are the answers/guidance you are seeking for?

(Second) What answers/guidance did you receive (while watching/listening/attending General Conference)?

(Third) What is Heavenly Father asking you to do/focus on for the next 6 months?

(Fourth) How will you apply the messages that you have heard?

I structured this page so that it would be one that is revisted often, not just during conference, but also before and after as well.  Last conference, for example, I was concerned about plans for our future. Should we move, shouldn't we, should we accept this job offer or that job offer? I was also concerned about how to be a better parent. These were questions I pencilled in (as well as prayed for guidance over) prior to watching General Conference.

After Conference was over, I revisted all of my insight journals (page two of the prep pack) and filled in questions two and three. At the bottom of each insight journal there is a "personal application" box that made these two questions easier to fill out.

The fourth section is where, after all is said and done, you make your game plan. You have received guidance. You have been given your "marching orders." Now it is time to plan how and when you will apply what you have learned.

I found this incredibly helpful for synthesizing the vast amount of information and inspiration that is received during General Conference. It helped me to better visualize what it is I needed to do and how it was I was going to be able to do it (or at least try, anyways!).

The second page of the prep pack is called the Insight Journal. This page gives you an organized place to write notes for each speaker that gives an address at General Conference. There is a place to write the name of who is speaking, what they are speaking about, as well as ample room for note taking.

At the bottom of each note taking column I decided to add a box where you can reflect on how each message might be applied personally in your life. Once conference is over this little section is great for either quickly viewing, or deeply reflecting on, what God may be personally asking of you for the upcoming six months.

I have found this tool to be extremely helpful in my own personal study and progress. I wanted to share it with others for exactly that reason. I hope that you might find it useful in your own gospel study and application!

Download it HERE

What are your tips for getting the most out of general conference, scriptures, church? Any ideas on helping the tiny tots survive approx 8 hours of straight TALKING? I like to schedule at least one of their naps around a conference session. We'll see how that works this time around!


  1. Really nicely put together, Meg! Your blog looks awesome too! Good work. :)

  2. Megan,
    What useful info! I have seen people with little ones create coloring books of the quorum of the 12 and the prophet. I have seen picture books of the prophet and the 12 and the little ones are to circle the picture of the one speaking. I have seen kids get to clap their hands every time they hear a specific word in a talk and get a treat when they accurately do it. Prophet, clap, M&M. Sacred, clap, M&M, and so forth. As they aged the words were on a page and they put check marks next to the words and then compared them to the computer version the next day.
    Good Luck and thanks for the wonderful ideas!!!

  3. This is AMAZING!! Thank you soooo much!!

  4. Thank you so Much!!! I love that it is FREE:)

  5. Wow! Thank you for creating these! You are awesome. Annnnnd for free no less. Super appreciated.

  6. I have tried so many different ways of taking conference notes. I think I like this one the best! Very easy to follow! Thank you!


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