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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Now Let's Go Eat Some Cake...

Today I finished number 5 out of 7 major tests. I've got two classes and two more finals to go and I will finally put this semester behind me. My life has been kinda crazy the last few weeks (one uncontrollable outburst of tears at the DMV and two trips to the ER later...) and I am ready to be settled. More on some of crazy happenings in posts to come.

On a positive note, however, I think I did really well on my test tonight. And I am thankful I am almost 1/5 of the way done with this degree. I am also another year older now. And I had a fun weekend celebrating with my family.

My family spoiled me by letting me sleep in, followed by an offer to go to the store alone to pick out whatever I wanted for breakfast. Kevin and the kids thought of some excuse why they had to stay home when I said I wouldn't mind them coming with me. I should have seen the surprise coming. But I did not. Which was so sweet and cool.

Kev and Kay and Emmie had made me a mixed CD which started out with them each singing songs to me, followed by birthday wishes for this year, and a few things they each loved about me. <3. Coolest present ever.

I chose German Pancakes with cottage cheese, sugar free blackberry jam, strawberries and bananas. I got some yummy blueberry lemonade and a bottle of aloe vera juice as well. Yum!


After breakfast we headed into town to window shop and to pick up a few items for a project Kev and I had discussed and planned the night before. We decided that we were either going to tackle fixing a set of new dining room chairs I picked up for $10 at our local thrift store... or we were going to refinish our entertainment center. I finally decided on the later and we decided we wanted to do a light gray with chalk paint.

But... one of my favorite furniture stores was on the way to Home you know. I had to stop by and fall massively in love with a couch I had no money for. You know. All in a days work. Dreams are good to have.

Anywho... since I didn't want to buy chalk paint (holy.expensive.), I just bought plaster of paris and made my own. I spent $16 total on paint and plaster of paris, $10 for finishing wax and about $11 for dark wax (for that antiqued look). Altogether, my "new look" cost about $37. Not bad for a "free to me" dresser.

My husband and I painted the first coat while the kids were down for a nap. We finished with it about the time the kids woke up, so we headed off to our local pizza joint for dinner and let the dresser sit to dry.

Because I've been dying to try this drink forever (mostly because I think the can looks cool), Kev indulged me and got me one as a part of my birthday dinner/present. I kinda have a thing about trying new drinks with cool looking bottles. Some have ended up better than others. But this one was super tasty. And I was happy to add another cool bottle to my collection.

Speaking of cool, this has got to be my favorite pizza joint ever, mainly for the ambiance. It is centered in an old log cabin up against a hill, with beautiful woodwork on the inside and a really cool looking wood stove in the middle of the room. Plus, the really old video games downstairs reminds me of the arcade at the pizza parlor I grew up going to with my family. I remember being younger than Kale and being so excited to go to Rick's Pizza. It was the best ever.

Excuse my make-up-less-ness and the crazy photos. We were enjoying ourselves. And the one of me was taken by Kay. 

The drive home was beautiful and peaceful and accented by a beautiful setting sun. It's no wonder they call this time of night "golden hour". It was gorgeous.

Once home, we let the kids stay up watching the new Tinker-Bell-Pirate-Fairy-Movie-Whatever-Thing they just put up on Netflix a few months ago (Okay,so I play a little....the hubby and I are kinda closet Tinker Bell fans) while the hubs and I finished the second coat of paint, and the two coats of finishing wax and dark wax. 

I took a few photos that night of the end result. But they're night photos. So it goes without saying they didn't end up looking that great, or showing the true end result. So I decided to retake the photos in the morning so you could see the real difference this piece made to our room.

Funny how the same piece of furniture, with just a different or new color on it can change the whole look and feel! Truth be told, I hated the old brass drawer pulls before we did the project and I had fully planned on replacing them when I finally got the money to. 

However, I think I had a total change of heart. With that new light color, I love the contrast the old bronze gives...and I even like that the color of the drawer pulls aren't even. Some have dark spots and some have a lot of that gold brassy color coming through. So cool.

So! That was my fun birthday project and adventure. It was absolutely the nicest way I could have imagined spending my day. Projects with my husband are the best. We have a lot of fun working side by side together (Thanks again, babe for helping me!)

Anyways, I hope you all have a happy weekend ahead with the some fun projects and adventures planned for yourselves! Tomorrow is Saturday, and as for me and my family... we are going to go help clean up the church! ;]'s to hoping we wash off more little finger prints from the window panes than we add! Adios peeps!


  1. What a birthday! I'm so glad you got to accomplish so much and have such a delicious day! xox

  2. What a fun birthday for you! I like what you did to the dresser. Good luck on the rest of your tests Megan!



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