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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Who am I? Thoughts on my New Years Resolutions...

For most who know me personally, it should come as no surprise that I tend to be very goal oriented. I make lists like Martha Stewart makes crafts. But to me, it is not so much how often I achieve...but what it is I am spending my time achieving.

Recently, the sweet sister of one my husband and my good friends passed away. I ache for the loss of her life. I ache for her family. But I also very much look up to the type of life she lived. Watching as an outsider as such a beautiful life is cut short, you can't help but analyze your own life.

Are the things you are devoting all your time and energy to really worth it? Or could you adjust, make better investments in where you devote your attention?

I realize, as goal oriented as I am, I am often easily distracted and have a really hard time prioritizing my time between good, better, and best.

"So who am I right now?" I ask, and "Is that who I want to be?" I wonder.

It has been something I have been mulling over for a while now...and I think I have found my top 6. The 6 things, that if I spent the majority of my life doing I could never look back at with regret.

So here is who I want to be:

1. A covenant keeping Daughter of God.

2. A faithful, engaged, loving & supporting wife.

3. A patient, peaceful, engaged, loving & supporting mother.

4. A person who magnifies her callings.
(be it visiting teaching or teaching Sunday school.)

5. A family historian. 
(personal histories, indexing, family history research, temple work.)

6. A missionary .
(actively sharing with others the light & joy that the gospel of Jesus Christ has brought me!)

And my New Years resolution is to spend my time and effort on these six priorities first and foremost...before I focus on other, good...but maybe not best things .

Oh, and Bonus New Year's resolution? No more allowing "fight or flight" to take hold of me when I am upset. I am determined to be the mother and wife that will not speak condescendingly or raise her voice when triggered. My biggest, but most important priority yet.

So there you have it. The person I want to be. And hope to see more of this 2014.


  1. DIL,
    As I read your post, I felt that it should be included in the January Ensign, as it too addresses similar challenges. May the Spirit prompt you and may you find peace and fulfillment in the pursuit of your selected life improvements. They are worthy goals!
    Know that you are loved and respected by your FIL.

  2. Those are great goals Megan. They would be great for anyone to pursue. Happy 2014!

    Love, Ann

  3. You are amazing. I love the way you stated those lifelong goals.


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