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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Someday I'll Look Back and Laugh... Right?

Dear Kevin,

Today was a little bit hard. I wish I hadn't been so grumpy about it either, because it was not like being grumpy made it any easier.

Please enjoy the cute pictures of our kids while I download on you for mo'.

The kids and I went to stake conference. Alone. It was...intense, to say the least. Emmie decided to play jungle gym with the fold down chairs while Kay thought it was a good idea to take some other kid's etch-a-sketch.

After distracting them for a few minutes with drawing in their journals, they decided they both needed to sit on my lap at the same time. Which was succeeded by massive screaming and crying from both accounts, as neither wanted to share.

 A trip to somewhere-not-in-earshot to calm down and a short walk back to our seats did us little good, as after that Emmie decided to yell at me.

One because I said we didn't have any candy, two because I reminded her not to yell, and three because I asked her to whisper.

It didn't get much better when we relocated from the echoey cultural hall overflow into the Relief Society room. They thought that meant they had free reign to chase other people's children, inch worm below the chairs, and throw bloody murder fits when I wouldn't allow them to do the aforementioned.

Since when did they act like this?!

Then during lunch (when I took them home early because I really couldn't handle them behaving that way much longer), Kay decided to climb on his Aunt's kitchen table like a monkey and he knocked over a glass, shattering it all over the floor.

Which was proceeded by mimicking one of his cousins in a snotty way, and then making rude faces at me when I told him not to.

Thankfully, the sweet boy apologized and went on his (muuuuuuuuuch needed) nap without a hitch. Minus the not being able to finish his lunch because he had proved he was too tired to handle life part...

Meanwhile, Emmie thought it was a brilliant idea to smash quarters into her sunflower butter and jam sandwich. Don't ask me where she found quarters... I really have no clue.

Naptime was great for Kay and frustrating for Emmie. She refused to go to sleep unless I laid down next to her...and even then she still refused to go to sleep. After getting poked in the eye, crawled over, and hair pulled a few times I had the sense of mind to try and scratch her back in hopes it would calm her.

It did. And she fell fast asleep. And stayed that way. Until I decided it was safe to move.

Apparently, it is never safe to move.

She woke up, would not go back to sleep, and started screaming and crying and woke Kay up.
So much for nap time.

We packed up to head to Grandma's, hoping a change of scenery would help. And it...kinda did? They were mad I wouldn't let them watch anything but church movies, but they kind of got over it...after telling me I was mean and they hated me.

Well, Emmie didn't say that. Thankfully that is a word she doesn't know yet. I am not sure where Kay learned to say such a thing...but thankfully I had a much harder skin about it than I thought I would.

That being said I guess it is a rite of passage. If I hadn't been before, I have now officially been entered into the "Welcome to Motherhood" club.

After a few more arguments and struggles, I sent the kids outside but left the back door open so they could come in and out as they pleased.  It was a wonderful idea for helping the kids relax. It was a terrible idea for helping everyone else do the same.

Apparently,  outside my parent's backyard door there lived a MEGA swarm of flies. I was putting something away upstairs when I heard a cry of disgust. When I ran to investigate I was greeted with a wave of shock I have never experienced, at least not regarding flies, before!

There was seriously a carpet of flies on my mother's ceiling, Kevin! It was soooo gross. And it was totally my fault. Because I was the one who left the door open.

The day ended well . I did some family history and enjoyed some tri tip and ginger beer...but really. I am so sleepy babe. And I miss you. Like woah.

We need a little routine again in our lives. And an awesome husband/daddy to help us live, love, and laugh about life. We are wishing you were here!

Forgive me for end of the day emotional vomit. Clean up on isle 6?


  1. Your pictures tell a different story that your experiences! Don't worry. We all have those days! Bobby rolled in deer poop and then jumped up on my lap to share. Hang in there!

  2. This is a great post that made me smile and commiserate at the same time. I've been catching up on your blog in the early morning nursing session.

  3. Like Wayne said, there are those days. I hope the kids are having a better day today.



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