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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Trying Something New: Photography

Does it all circle back around to depression around here these days? Well, yah. I think it does. But I think this is advice anybody can gain from, because really...everyone has some small amount of sadness here and there in their lives.

I have been finding that a practical way of relieving some of that sadness is to throw yourself into something you love. Or try something new that you've always dreamed of doing.

Just recently, I decided I would give more effort into learning how to be a better photographer. I don't know that I particularly expect to create a business out of it or anything, but I do expect to learn a lot.
And I love the feeling of trying something I've never done before... it is fun to know that you are capable. Even if you aren't fantastic at it, it is still an enabling feeling to do it anyways. 

These photos are from my first (not-related-to-me-family) photo shoot, taken last Saturday.

And I already learned so much. First off, for some reason I went heavy on the angles. And I also had my f-stop too low for some of the photos. Blah! 

I was initially frustrated by this, but then I realized...this is exactly why I wanted to do a photo shoot in the first place. To get experience!

 I never could have realized my misunderstandings of f-stop, framing, and posing without having taken the opportunity to try!

So, overall, I am happy with how these photos turned out! This family is so lovely and sweet and they were super patient with my lack of photo session skills!

And I have to say, for being an amateur photographer, I am loving how these turned out! I surprised myself!! It gives me hope that maybe someday this could become a talent of mine.
 But if not, oh well! Success is in the choice to try, not the product that comes from trying. 

What do you secretly dream of doing? What do you wish you had the time/money to try? I know photography has been on my list for years but I only recently acquired a Camera nice enough to begin trying it out! I'd love to hear your dreams and efforts to do something that truly makes you happy!


  1. DIL,
    I thought you already were a professional photographer!!! Your usage of "armature photographer" was interesting. If it was not a spelling error for amateur..... "a frame used by a sculptor to support a figure that is being modeled" fits your "practice" as a building of a framework for future wonderful artwork to be created by you. Excellent play on words. If it was just a spelling error, it was still good because it caused me to look up the word and learn from it.

    1. Lol, stupid spell check. I spelled it 'amateur' like a thousand times and it kept telling me I was wrong. I guess sometimes computers can be stupid! ;] I'll go back and change there! I'm glad it worked out as an image invoking pun, however ;].

      Thanks for the compliments!


  2. I think these turned out LOVELY! You did a fabulous job.

    1. Tannie,

      Thank you so much! You are super sweet to say so =]

  3. Wow!! I am impressed! Great job Megan! I love the ones of the baby in the middle of the road!

    1. Thanks, Amy! The ones in the road were super fun to take. Albeit a little nerve racking. We had to keep watching for cars, lol.


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