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Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Dresser Turned {Organized} Media Cabinet

As much as I love being a stay at home mom, sometimes I am so thankful for the peace and quiet that comes when my children are asleep. 

I love spending time with them. I love watching them grow. I adore being a mother (especially one who gets to be at home with them!). But sometimes, a girl just gets sick of being yelled at all day!

And I don't necessarily mean just the angry, out of control, upset, too tired screams. It is even the excited (yet  mind-blowingly piercing) shrieks of joy. Or the 'I just stubbed my toe' cries of pain. 

Sometimes this mommy feels like her kids do, a little over stimulated. 

So thank you for letting me blow off some of my steam! Blogging is a good way to de-stress. As is organizing and having an organized home.

Here's a  little peak of some of the reorganization that has gone on around here lately:

This is our media center. It used to be a dresser with a mirrored hutch (it belonged to my grandmommy!). But we ditched the hutch and used the dresser part in our living room instead. We tend to hang most of our clothes, anyways.

You'll have to forgive me for not getting a before picture of the messy drawers. I think I was a little too eager to attack the the insane amount of junk and clutter that had been shoved into every drawer of this entire unit for the last year or so.

And it was like Christmas. Seriously, these drawers were the gifts that would not stop giving. How did I fit so much stuff in there?

I felt like doing a touch down dance when I realized how much of it I could just donate or throw away (One less pile of crud to worry about finding a place for!)/ And maybe a little kick in the pants at the same time when I realized how much garbage we had been carrying around, move after move. 

For realz. I hate clutter.

Anyways, when I started the mudroom/command center project (which you can check out here) I suddenly had the brilliant idea to start emptying out our hall closet at the same time.

Because it is always a good idea to start a new project when you are not even a quarter of the way finished with the first. 


But, I had a sudden epiphany of where I could use a previously unoccupied piece of furniture, and emptying the closet was the first step to getting things where I wanted them to go.

So, out went all the junk, which mainly ended up being lots of coats (huh, go figure.) and all of our board games, dice sets, and cards.

And there they sat, in  a pile behind my basement door for the next few months...until I did this:

Seriously, a way better use of our media cabinet than before. And a way better spot for all of our games than being stuffed in a closet (or for that matter, behind a door ;]).

The useful things that used to be in the media center found new homes. Most of our electronics made their way into more organized bins that were placed in the hall closet (which I'll share more about later next week), except for our major devices such as our laptops, i-Pad, DVD player, and Roku.

While our computers and i-Pad received their own new dedicated drawers, our Roku, DVD player, and wireless router all found themselves now living below the deck.

Which, honestly, is a change that I just love.

 It really clears off the media cabinet and makes it look so much more clean and pristine. It is getting me pumped up about giving this unit a total make over.

 It isn't in the budget right now, but it is in the plan to give this piece a major face lift. I just have to decide what color I want to paint it! Honestly, I change my mind about it...once every day.

Decluttering and reorganizing it, however, has only made me that much more excited about getting it all finished and put together!

Seriously, I could handle all the screaming and yelling if I had a pretty and perfectly organized media center, right? 

Okay, so probably not!  But it's totally worth a shot! ;p

What do you do to de-stress after a long day of Mommy Duty? Am I just crazy uptight? There are some days where I just feel like all of my brain cells are slowly but surely being obliterated, one scream at a time. What helps you break through those feelings of  being overwhelmed? 

Honestly, I really just think I need to go take a cruise to Hawaii. By myself. Like right now.


  1. I feel your pain, Megan! Yes, I often feel like I'm about to explode, and yes, I would like to take that cruise by myself to Hawaii right along with you!! Having a project and organizing something really helps me, as it seems to for you too! Way to go!!

    1. Amy, how fun would that be! Let's cruise it up, lol! =D

  2. Oh, I am jealous of this! I just looked at a very similar unit at IKEA today and wished I had $500 to buy it! WAY more awesome that you got yours as a hand-me-down!

    Oh, and I dream of a cruise ... or a trip to Target ... or a shower ... every day. :)

    1. Lol, for realz about the shower! I'm lucky if I get one by 1 or 2 o clock ;]. Cause you needed to know that, haha.

      But yah, we were super lucky when we first got married, because we got all sorts of furniture for free from my family. Gives it a bit of charm and a lot of sentiment =]. It is fun having something that belonged to my Grandma.

      Anyways, IKEA is awesome! Totally wishing $500 your way! Either that or an awesome steal on craigslist. =D


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