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Friday, January 4, 2013

Playroom Updates...

Well, I am finally on the mend! Thank goodness! Ny-quil and I have been on a little too close of terms lately for my taste. But oh, what a joyous (albeit brief) union it was. Now if I could just keep these cold sores in check. I've got two of them, because apparently it wouldn't have been a party if there was only one...

Okay, all sickness aside, while I haven't been keeping the posts updated... I have been messing around with my the kids playroom. Again.

But it was just too fun not to! Post-Christmas means new toys, new possibilities, and usually... a lot of rearranging to make it all fit. ;]

Look who got a play kitchen for Christmas! And oops, I'm still not finished with Emmie's Market. I have some spray painting left to do (probably white!) and the grocery ads to put up, but Em has enjoyed playing with it all nonetheless!

And check out that Lego table! Bah. I'm giddy excited about how that one turned out! Expect a how-to post on it soon!

I was also crazy excited about these cute little metal pails I found in the dollar section at Target. Be still my soul. They came with the chalkboard stickers already attached! I instantly knew that I needed them. Now I just wish I had bought about...500 more. You think Target might carry these babies online?

Oh yah. Did I forget to mention I moved the art shelves? They used to be on the wall that currently houses our new play kitchen (which may or may not be getting a paint job soon, we'll see...).

 By the way. Ignore that random white hutch sitting by the book shelves. I hope to discard of that soon. As soon as I can afford a peg board and some Azar display bins anyways. Which, you know... could be a few years from now. I'll cross my fingers otherwise, ;].

And thanks to my sweet husband's parents, we were able to add some more Playmobil to our collection this Christmas. We bought this set to go along with the Children's Petting Zoo we bought last year for Emmie's birthday. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

I also finally got around to setting up the dress up station and mounting the mirror. It had all been stuffed into the dress up bin and stored in the toy closet since we switched rooms. It was time for that to change! Now we just need to get around to purging and updating all of our costume supplies.

The toy closet only saw minor changes. Really all that happened here was that I moved out the tall baker's rack, and moved the dress up bin out (as previously mentioned).

Well, there's a quick peak into a few of the changes we've made around here. 

We have by no means "arrived" exactly at where we want this playroom to someday be.  But it's functional. And the kids love it. And even though it may not be cute, or coordinated... I love it too. It has become a place for us to explore, create, pretend, practice (sharing, manners, cleaning), read, and play. 

And, maybe someday, I'll finally be able to add all the cute curtains and accent pillows my little heart could desire. But for now, I'll take it slow and steady, and enjoy the memories we are investing in.

What has been your best investment over this last year? How will you invest your time or money differently for 2013? Or will you stick to what you did in 2012? I love January. And I love New Years resolutions! I'd love to hear what's on your list!


  1. Looks like you are building your very own Discovery Center for your kiddos over there! Almost inspires me to get to work on our bonus room...almost!

    1. You should let me come visit, and I'll set one up for you, lol! I love putting playrooms together. A weird passion, I know, but there you go!

  2. This is so nice Megan! It's a great place for the kids and mom and dad too.


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