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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our Holiday Break

Sorry it's been so silent over here this week! Seeing as my husband is a teacher, we've been extra lucky to have him home since Wednesday. It has been such a nice break. Contrary to popular belief, teachers actually happen to work hard. ;] I'm lucky if I get him home by dinner, most days.

So, we've been soaking up the family time as much as we can! And, because I only get about one more day with him before I have to relinquish him to the ravaging adolescents again (Just kidding! I love his class. They be the coolest ;]), I thought I'd keep this post short and just share a few of the things we've been up to!

Wednesday night I cut and dyed my own hair. Thank you, you-tube!  Total price tag: $3.00. Yes, please!

Thursday morning (like 5am in the morning, morning!) I prepared a Thanksgiving Turkey for the very first time. Ever. No lie, I was slightly terrified.


Kevs made the traditional green beans and bacon. Yummm.

This picture SO does not do that deliciousness its justice. 

Our Thanksgiving table. Definitely not glamorous. Absolutely set up with the littles in mind.  The toilet paper roll turkey was made by Kay at his preschool. How cute is that? It definitely had to be displayed prominently. 

I love kid art.

Emmie does too. She enjoyed coloring. A lot.

She might have enjoyed the Soda just a little bit too. ;]

Turns out I had nothing to be terrified about with the Turkey. It turned out amazing. Thank you crock pot!!! I'll never mistrust you again!!!

Our tasty Thanksgiving spread. Everything was homemade. Including the pumpkin cheesecake and pecan pie. Man, if you need some good recipes for those, let me know, because the ones we used were off the charts delicious.

Kevin made this one especially for me, because I had never had Pecan Pie before.
Uhm, YUM?! What have I been doing all of my life?

Never had pecan pie before. Pssh. Its like I had never really lived before that first bite of pastry. ;]

 I've requested a re-make for Christmas. I'm drooling already.

A group shot of our Thanksgiving party. It was the very first one we've ever hosted on our own. Distance and money were against us when it came to going to visit family, but thankfully, Kevin's cousin is going to college nearby. So we still got to hang out with her (and her roommate!).

 We ate lots of pie and  played games. Like the Harry Potter & the Sorcerers Stone Trivia Game. Because we are super cool and mature like that. ;]

My husband and I also had a bit of fun with

We posted this photo on our private facebook accounts, with the caption "Happy Thanksgiving from the ______ family!". Just goes to show that we have really nice friends. Everyone was afraid to comment, just in case it was "real."  ;] So awesome.

Anyways, besides that, we've just been up to normal holiday fun. We put up a few Christmas decorations. We made some Salt Dough Ornaments. I even did a bit of Black Friday shopping. But from home. I love online shopping. And I hate crowds. So there you go ;].

Oh. And we made pumpkin cheesecake milkshakes and watched White Christmas! I love Bing Crosby. And that is probably my favorite Christmas movie of all time. So thankful to have a husband that loves old movies and musicals just as much as I do.

Anyways, hope ya'll had a happy holiday weekend! Looking forward to getting back into a routine over here. Any fun plans for tomorrow? What about Cyber Monday? Got anything you have your eye on? I'm super interested to see the deals they have this year. 

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  1. Wow! What a spread! It all looked so yummy. Looks like you're doing lots of cool things. Ann


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