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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Teaching, No Greater Call: An Excellent Resource for Parenting

Recently my Husband and I started studying the manual "Teaching, No Greater Call" together.  Since day one of our marriage we have been very good about doing family scripture study and prayer. But we have never really done a "companionship" study before.

I am glad we decided to start.  We are currently studying the chapters about teaching in the family, and teaching children (Part C: Teaching Different Age Groups, page 108 and Part D: Teaching in the Family, page 127). I had been studying these chapters previously on my own, and really thought it would help if my husband and I studied these together and discussed them.

 We are only on day 4, but I am so grateful that Kevin wholeheartedly agreed to do this with me.It has given us the opportunity to discuss how we can create a stronger family/gospel culture in our home, as well as give us guidance and added unity in trying to parent in a Christ-like way.

Both Kevin and I have already decided that once we are done studying this manual, we want to make sure we keep studying together as a companionship. Before, we had never done it because it was just one more thing added on top of an already busy bed time routine. But now that we have started, I don't think we could go back for the world.

I can already see how it has helped us, like I said before, in becoming more unified as a parenting unit. Which has brought more harmony into the home. There is less intervening when the other parent is interacting with the children, and hence less contention and frustration...not only on the part of the parents, but the children as well.

Also, it only takes us 15-20 minutes tops. 15-20 minutes of time spent discussing our dreams and goals for our family, and what we are going to do to get there. I think that is time well spent.

What our companionship study usually looks like:

1. Start with an opening prayer.
2. Choose one section to read through each night. Take turns reading. Discuss ideas and thoughts about
    what we have read. Brainstorm ways to implement what we have learned.
3. Close with a prayer.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this idea because I feel like it is really helping Kevin and I to create a stronger marriage and home. And maybe it will help others in doing so as well!  Plus, the chapters I mentioned are really full of amazing information and advice to consider when interacting with your kids. I highly recommend taking the time to read and ponder over the material in those sections.

So, there you have one more, of many hundreds, of the habits we are trying to develop in the Scribbled Wall family. If you want to study "Teaching, No Greater Call" as well, you can either access it online here, or you can stop by a local LDS Distribution Center to pick up your own paperback copy.

What are some habits or routines you have created that have helped to strengthen your family? Another one we like to do is a weekly Family Planning Session. We go over our week, our to do lists, our goals, plan our date night, etc. Been super helpful, especially as our lives have progressively become more and more busy. Its been a great way to stay on the same page. Looking forward to hearing your tips and suggestions!

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