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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cookin' with Play Dough

So I just have to say, wow! Thank you guys for all of the super sweet comments about our farm table project! I know most of the comments were made on my personal Facebook account, and I could probably thank you there just as easily, but you all deserve a public shout out, because it just meant THAT much to me =]. 

You are all really awesome.  Thought you should know!

And now, I must admit,  I'm a bit nervous to share this next post!  I'd hate for it to be a let down. Because it is something much less inventive. And probably a meeeellion times less impressive. Cause, really? It's not exactly original. Or rocket science.

 But it was simple. And it was fun. And it was budget friendly. And for this mommy, those are like my three favorite words. Minus a few others. Like chocolate. Or maybe nap-time. Though one could argue that is technically two words... two of my very very very favorite words. ;]

And speaking of favorites, I am totally in a pinch. I'm not really sure what to call this activity, other than an "invitation." It is what one of my personal favorite blogs, Play at Home Mom, calls all of the activities they set up for their kids. But I don't want to be a copy cat. Or unfair.

I suppose I could call this an 'offer'.... or an 'Allurement.' Although that just sounds kinda creepy. Alluuuurement.  The point is, for lack of a more originally appropriate word we'll call this activity the "Cooking with Playdough Invitation."

Like I said, not exactly original. But it was nice to switch things up a bit, especially because Kay likes to play with his play dough almost daily. And after a while, the same old letter molds and cookie cutters just don't cut it anymore. Well, I mean...they do. But really they don't. ;]

For this invitation (allurement!!!) I simply grabbed a few cooking utensils from our kitchen. Namely, our pasta maker, some pots and pans, a whisk, a measuring bowl, a measuring cup, and some spatulas.  All things we already owned. Easy peasy.

Before breakfast I set them out on his train table, along with his playdough box, for him to discover once he was finished eating.

I love the look on his face here. I think he was pretty thrilled that I was letting him play with my toys ;].The pasta maker was a  huge hit.

 Feeding cookie monster his pan-fried spaghetti! It ain't cookies, but a monster's gotta be grateful!

As for Emmie baby, she didn't really seem to care at first. She was pretty busy, afterall, writing to her colleagues and such...

And then there was that mess she had to organize in the "Baby Toys" bin.

But eventually, she decided to join in on all the play dough culinary fun.

That darn cutie-patootie. I could snuggle her all day. Unfortunately, she would never let me.


In all, I think it was a successful activity. And better yet, it was a super easy clean up! The pasta maker did require a teeny bit of extra soaking, but it really wasn't that hard to clean. Which I'm glad, because I was pretty worried I was going to be in for it!

Thankfully, I was wrong!

Well that's all folks! I'm off to go do some voting! Have any fun election day plans? Some friends and my family are getting together for an election day party. Our family's are rooting for different candidates, so we thought it'd be fun if we all wore team colors. Paint our faces. Ya know, the works ;].  I might even make some team cookies. You know, like of Obama's and Romney's faces. It's gonna be real classy ;P.

In the end, I'm just glad to have friends who we have lots of fun with, and that we can mutually respect, even if we do disagree politically.  Here's to democracy, here's to adulthood, and here's to them!


  1. That's funny, I actually pulled out our play dough today to entertain my kids/nieces/nephews while my sisters and I made blueberry jam! One of these days I am going to have to pull out my kool aid play dough recipe though, that stuff smells way better than regular play dough! Cool idea with the pasta maker. I don't have one, but if I ever do I know what I will do with it!

    1. Yum! I want to come make Blueberry jam. We'll see if the hubs and I can save up enough to visit ya'll back east! I'd love to come see your new house! It looks so gorgeous!!


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