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Monday, November 3, 2014

Family Time

Okay. I take it back. I do live somewhere pretty.

On Saturday we decided it was high time to put our family first, so we hopped into the car and drove up to a nearby trail for a little hike before a really huge rain storm was about to hit. The dark grey sky and the fall colors were beautiful. It felt so peaceful to be out there in nature. Until about the time we heard the roaring of the wind rushing towards us. Then we high tailed it about as quickly as we could back to our car and opened our doors just in time for the first few rain drops. We even saw the wind kick up a few dirt devils on our way back. It was pretty epic. And enchanting. And exciting. And fun =].

In an effort to put down our electronics more and connect with each other on a real level, we have decided to do more active family activities, to not use devices while the kids are awake or others are around (not even browsing through text messages or reading a political news source when other people are talking/around us) and I have designated all future Facebook use to Fridays. So, if I don't respond to some really amazing announcement...or I miss some terrible news, please don't be offended.

Our family needs to unplug a bit and focus on creating real memories together, especially with how much our schedules have exploded recently. Online school, church callings, work obligations, mommy and daddy obligations, and everyday cleaning/eating/sleeping etc obligations have made it necessary to ruthlessly prioritize more than ever before. We are kind of anti socialites now. Do forgive us. We hope someday we'll have more room to open up our time to all the people we love and care about. In the meantime, we buckle down and put what's first first. God, Spouses, Children, and Family. <3.

Here is to a future of thriving amidst all the busyness, instead of just surviving.

P.S. Isn't my family just the cutest? Love 'em.

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  1. It is so beautiful there. You tempt me! Glad you are detecting the nice things about living your life. Priorities, priorities! There are events in one's life that sometimes force us to stand back and observe how blessed our life is and sometimes take time to smell the roses. Your family is one of my blessings.FIL


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