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Monday, July 28, 2014

No Make Up Monday

My Monday...

Started and ended with no make up. Mostly, just out of laziness. But maybe part of me wants to pretend I feel confident without it. I've been going make-up-less all but one day of our trip so far. Hopefully, no one really notices or cares but me.

I did Yoga this morning before I got ready for the day. I found a 'flat belly' yoga routine on Pinterest that I thought was worthy of a try.  I'm a little bit tired of looking like I'm always four months pregnant, ya know? Unfortunately, half of the work out needed a towel and hard wood floor (nope and nope), but the rest was just super intense mat work.

 My abs are still burning. So, I'm totally going to do it again tomorrow, of course.

Today was a little low key. We ate breakfast. Took our time getting ready. Visited with the missionaries and shared disgusting bug stories about scorpion bites, wind scorpions, brown recluses, and cockroaches.

("I Batman Girl and Kay Batman boy!")

We went to the library. I found some books I need to read for a Children's Lit class I'll be taking in the Fall (currently reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond). The kids played dress up and made us pretend dinners with pretend food. 

My father in law asked if he could read Emmie a book, to which she replied with a giggle, "No, Gampa. I in a tent!" Obviously.

 I told my father in law that I'd be happy if I had a play/homeschool room the size of the children's area of the library.

We checked out our books. We went home and made and ate chicken salad sandwiches. We went blackberry picking. We drove home. We made potato gnocchi for dinner and blackberry watchmacallit. 

I can't wait to make some blackberry jam tomorrow. Or maybe a rustic tart. Or possibly even blackberry barbeque sauce. I'm feeling inspired!

We ate dinner. We had a family home evening lesson about Faith in God, that He is real and that He hears and answers our prayers! We then roasted marshmallows with one of my in-law's neighbors and the missionaries. 

The kids went to bed. Us adults talked some more around the campfire. And now it is time for bed.

Pretty simple, pretty awesome day.

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