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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Peaceful Moments...

I love my house best when it is dark out, either night or morning, and only a few dim lamps scattered throughout my home cast a calm, comforting light for each of us to really soak in.

Life is safe at these moments. It is quiet. It is thoughtful. It is peaceful. And I feel like I can finally let go of my breath and relax.

Today was a good day. I was more of the kind of mommy that I have been wanting to be. I am glad that I was able to really spend a good amount of time bonding with my children...while still being able to get the basics done.

Maybe if I focus on playing next to/with my kids as my main priority, the other things will slip into place. It seemed to be that way today anyways.

Nothing particularly out of the ordinary occured today. Except for maybe sleeping in until 7. A luxury around these parts.

We played Candy Land and Go Fish. Ate breakfast. Cleaned up our (still unfinished) playroom. Had a good round of imaginary play with our Playmobil. Ate a snack. Played more Candyland. Went sledding. Ate lunch. Watched some Octonauts and Diego. Turned our couch cushions into a slide. Played a round of freeze dance. Read Curious George. Snuggled. Tooks naps. Woke up. Loved on Daddy when he got home. Made Dinner. Read Scriptures. Said prayers. More books, more snuggles, lots of kisses and said our good nights.

Did I mention that I also got another sticker on my "No More Yelling" sticker chart? ;)

Kay is the one that gets to decide if I deserve one or not. He's a pretty tough judge. Seems like I'm a little hit and miss so far. An every other day'er!

 Thankfully, I don't think I've actually been yelling... but even talking in a mean, harsh, or rude way disqualifies me... so I guess that's what I've got to work on!

 So...yay for doing pretty darn good at it today! And for playing side by side with my kids! And for peaceful quiet moments to reflect on all of these things! I'm basking in the glow, my friends. It is a good night.

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  1. Way to go Megan! Tell me more about your "I won't yell chart!" What do you get when you fill it in?


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