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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Family Mini Vacation

My legs are killing me. I know I've had too much dairy. I drank an extra large strawberry milkshake the other day (my weakness).

I had planned on sharing it with Kay, but the McDonald's ending up giving us four ice cream cones, instead of the two that we ordered (it was on purpose, they made the first two cones too big for the kids and had to redo them...but figured rather than throw the too large of cones in the trash, that we could just have them for free.)  so Kay ate a cone and I was left by myself to finish the delicious dairy confection.

Not that I was complaining! know, now. When my knees and ankles started screaming at me because pumped myself full of dairy products!

It is weird I know, but for whatever reason, if I eat too much...or eat really any dairy at all, the joints in my body ache like crazy, mostly in my legs.

Of course walking as much as I have recently probably hasn't helped either. But it was fun.

Last Friday and Saturday were spent on a mini family vacation to a seaside town and beach. One of my favorites, to be exact.

We visited an aquarium, ate lots of yummy seafood and desserts, walked through tons of adorable shops and played in the sand and the waves while there.

I even bought myself a massage bar! I have been wanting one for a who knows how long now and I couldn't help but get this one once I sampled it. It smelled sooooo good.

Like lemony-peaches, people. Yummy.

I'll admit. I've been pulling it out every few minutes or so just to smell it. (Obsessed?)

Anyways, I didn't realize how much I missed the beach. I grew up visiting this area a lot and have some awesome memories of it! It was great being able to share a place that holds such a special place in my heart, with my kids.

And while Kay wasn't a huge fan of the touristy shopping spots, he sure loved the beach. But who wouldn't, really?

Emmie enjoyed the beach too, but she was perfectly content to lay in the sand next to Grandma.
Making sand angels (Eww.).

 On Sunday, the kids and I made a trip up north to go visit some family friends. Unfortunately, forgetting my diaper bag was not my only mistake of the night, I also forgot to snap a few shots while I was there!

For loving photography so much, I sure do forget to take pictures a lot.

But all that aside, it was so nice to be able to hang out with them!

There are some people that you meet in life that you instantly feel like you've always been friends. I believe this is only the third time I've hung out with this family (they are friends I met through my husband), but we were able to laugh and talk like we had known each other forever. =].

Oh... and by the way? Did I mention that I stinkin' love their house?! Cause, well. I do!!!

It was filled with so many awesome pieces of furniture that they had built themselves! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I was seriously so inspired.

And they had chickens! How could I not love their house when they had chickens?! (Chickens are definitely on my bucket list.) Not to mention the awesomely self-built chicken coop as well. It was too cool!

Watch out, Kevin, you might just be getting some power tools for christmas... and maybe a few more items on your honey-do list. But don't worry, babe. It will be seriously legit. 

Well... it is late folks, and I'm not sure I'm making any sense. So off I go to bed! Hope you are having a happy week!


  1. Who were the husband's friends up north? When you going home? How did you travel? You gonna come see us on your way home? Is the stock market going to stay on an increase? Why do watermelons roll better than pumpkins? E-mail me your answers please.

  2. I just learned why some of my comments are not showing up on your posts. I have to click the publish button twice! Also, in your pictures, the beach looks warmer than Oregon beaches!! And I am glad you are having fun with "the others".

  3. Sounds like you had a really nice time. Yes who were the friends up north?


    1. Oh...and that is a really cute picture of you in the hat!


    2. It was the Rickertsens. So much fun!

  4. Ah, so jealous.... Wish your trip were longer.... And we got to see you.... That would be nice.


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