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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Missing Our Playroom

Right now I'm missing my playroom!

Having just recently bought a new home and moved, We have found ourselves playroom-less, which has left us with only one option. We have had to store the toys in the kid's bedrooms. And it is giving me the heebie jeebies!

Having no dedicated play space has seriously thrown off my groove. And I know that sounds like I'm being pretty ridiculous (perhaps I am...) but the unorganized chaos that has occurred in their bedrooms has been killing me inside. Hives people. Hives!

The stupid things we let get to us, yah?

But it isn't just being OCD that makes me miss our playroom. There are so many more reasons to it than just craziness!

A dedicated play-space, in our home, gives the children a place where they have express permission to explore.

They are allowed to make messes without fear in their dedicated play space.

Their play space is set up so they CAN make messes without being destructive.

The play space is an area where they can leave their toys mid-play and return again later ( instead of having to put them away for sleep time).

Playing in the play space is never off limits (as opposed to having the toys in the bedroom where they are not allowed to touch them during naps or night time)

The play-space environment is set up to instill capability (and in a way that also ensures that mommy is nearby). 

Oh there are so many benefits to having a place for your kids to play where you can say 'Yes' to them as much as possible and put as many materials as you can within their reach (Unlike a bedroom, where you don't want the finger paint in reach, lest they get creative during sleep hours...)

I want my playroom back. For reals.

In the meantime, I know we'll squeak by. We are currently saving to turn our downstairs basement into the playroom. It only has 6' ceilings...but that should be plenty high for the little tots that will be playing down there! I hope to be able to get started on that project soon.

How about ya'll? What is your most favorite/important room in the house? Where do you find the most joy, inspiration, and peace?  I don't think it is too hard to guess where I find mine! ;]


  1. Holy cow, I love your old playroom. I have a playroom (thank the heavens) but it is not NEARLY so cute as yours! Come design mine when we move into our new house. :) Just kidding. I agree with you though - once you've had a playroom it is hard to go back. We love having a playroom and it would kill me if we didn't have one anymore!!

    1. Thanks, Tannie! Putting it together has been my biggest hobby over the last few years! And lol, I'd totally LOVE to come help you set up a playroom in your new home. Lol, you were probably just joking but I'd so totally love to come help set one up! I think it is so fun!


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