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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Someone Had a Birthday...

A special guy in my life just turned another year older...

Which means I got to make some of these, and dress them up a bit with some butter cream frosting <333.
(If you want to make them too, I'd double the cinnamon, and cut the other spices by 3/4th's. Just so ya know. ;] )

And I got to hang out with the birthday boy...

...who wanted to go to the Dollar Tree for his birthday. ;] Sometimes, I wonder how I got so lucky!

We had a nice and laid back night. We raided the dollar store, we picked up some nastily delicious $5 pizzas. We lounged around home and stuffed our faces.

What are birthdays for, after all?

A picture from back when I first met the hubs. The very night we started dating, actually!  I'm so happy that he is still a part of my life. And will be for eternity.

Happy Birthday, babe. You put the awe in awesome!

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  1. Who had a birthday? I wasn't aware of anyone important having one! Who is that guy in the pictures?


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