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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ch-ch-ch-changes! (A new, new playroom)

Ohmygoodness it's stormin' Norman over here! We went grocery shopping this morning and just about got blasted away by the wind. Too bad I had to take myself and the kids out in it! Not quite as bad as the political hurricanes wreaking havoc on Facebook, but bad enough I'm hoping I get to stay inside for the rest of the day!

...and maybe add to that facebook mayhem ;].

Hope you all are having a bit better weather!

So, as promised, I told you I'd tell you all about the major changes we made last week:

 I decided to turn our master bedroom into the new playroom! And our playroom into the new master!


I told ya' I was crazy. ;]  But at least now you know that my husband loves me. ;] What a good man. He was totally gung-ho supportive about it! Even though it did mean moving us into the smaller bedroom.  The one with out the private bath...

But I had some pretty good excuses for doing it (sanity for one!), and kind of spent weeks thinking it over in my head (and talking it over with the hubs, of course!). By the time last week had rolled around, I was just DONE thinking about it and had to make the change! Immediately.

And so I did! And I am loving how the switch is working out so far! And I think the kids are loving it too!

But I should probably explain why I made the switch in the first place!

You see, our new apartment... it had some issues. Organizational challenges, if you will.  And they had been giving me the straight up heebie jeebies since moving in!

These "problem" areas? Namely, the closet and the bathroom in the Master Bedroom.  

Let's start with the closet.  Albeit, a walk in closet, this space had less space than any other closet in the entire apartment.  With only one rod to hang clothing on and an awkwardly placed shoe holder,  I was pretty sure the moment I moved in that the closet and me weren't going to get along.

To make do, we added a metal support and a shower rod for hanging more clothes. And we stuffed in our plastic drawers (ya know, to hold the usual...socks, undies, power tools ;] ) as best we could.

But it was a clutter nightmare. I'm pretty sure my brain couldn't think up worse.

And then there was the master bathroom. It was less than half the size of the kid's bathroom. But that I almost wouldn't have minded.  What I did mind, was that the top two drawers in the bathroom... aren't really drawers at all. Just facades, people!

Which left our bathroom (the one that had much more to hold than the kid's bathroom) with one, count em, O-N-E working drawer.  At least it was deep...

But it still hardly fit a darned thing! Whatever wasn't essential to our morning routine had to be moved over to the kids bathroom. Which had 3 working drawers, coincidentally...

And so, after a few months of this, the thought of switching rooms didn't seem all that bad anymore. Originally, we didn't do it because we were tired. Tired of moving. Tired of limbo. Just tired.

Plus, we already had the playroom all set up and cutes-like. And we cringed at the thought of moving the art shelves. And the rain gutter book shelves.  They were a pain (and two-halves!) to put up!

But like I said, by the time last week rolled around, I was so over all of the clutter that I promised to make the switch Art shelves, rain gutters, and all!

And my husband was so sweet, he offered to help me so many times, but I've got more pride than pride rock I was determined to be a girl of my word, and did every single last bit of it myself!

The Playroom became the new master, the master become the new playroom. The master bathroom became the kid's bathroom, and we took the main bathroom off the hall.   And it all fits so much better!

And in so doing, I also semi solved another area in my apartment that I considered a sore spot. The kitchen
storage. (Are you getting the picture yet how much this apartment lacks in storage? It's nuts.)  We had two baker's racks in there originally, but I just didn't like the way they looked. When I switched the bedrooms around, I had an extra bookshelf, so I moved that into the kitchen, and took the baker's racks into the playroom.



It isn't perfect, but I like the look of it SO.MUCH.BETTER!

So, as far as 'after' pictures of the master bedroom? It's gonna hafta wait! The closet space is amazing! But our new room is still a total wreck. Its the room we use the it usually ends up being the last I ever address.   But... I can tell you this... once I do finish it? Its gonna be good. ;]

Well, there you have it! A glimpse into the insanity of my organization itch. This may or may not happen 6-7 more times while we live here. Guess we'll see ;].

What are the problem spots in your home? Have any genius fixes? Closets always tend to be a sore spot in this casa. I haven't even started to begin on what the other closets look like. Yikes!

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  1. You crazy little girl!! My, my, you do get wild bees in your bonnet occasionally! But the closet looks better and the kids will have more play room! We had that rain come through here too! We were camped about 50 yards from the beach. We took a beating!


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