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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Cheap Paint Palette

So. This morning? I had this brill idea.

Well, at least I thought it was brill. Knowing my luck, probably everyone has already heard of or done this before. But it was new to me. And it totally came out of my own little brain, too! I didn't even have to look at Pinterest ;).

Well... kinda. =P

This morning, Kay and I have been doing art. Lots of art. We've done wax paper collages using tissue paper. We've done wax paper collages using crayon shavings. And then, Kay wanted to paint using his easel. And he wanted to paint using every-single-one of the paint colors we own.

Blaaaah! We don't  have a paint palette to hold all that paint. Normally, I just use a plastic plate. But that wouldn't fit very well on his easel. And we usually only do 3-4 colors at a time.  But then I remembered another project I had done before, that was Pinterest inspired.

In my color activities drawer, I have an egg carton. It is pre-painted with a different color in each "egg slot". It has a slot for every single paint color that we own (score!). I had made it a few months ago to do a color scavenger hunt, via this post right hurr.

But, fancy that... the carton was the perfect size for our art easel! And it ended up making a perfect paint palette. Yay me! Better than that, however, it ended up being a great activity for color review.

I put a towel down on the floor, and let Kay take each paint bottle and find and fill its corresponding spot in the egg carton. This ended up being a fantastic way to get my son interested in colors. He normally has no patience for identifying colors. And yet this time around it was  "Hmm, where does this one go? Is this red? Oh, this is green. There are two browns!"

(Stacking the paint bottles he had already used)

And while he still kept calling green, "That ones blue!!!", I think it was a success overall. Especially because once he was done filling our new 'paint palette', he also got to paint. =] That makes for one happy little boy.

How about you guys? Any fun/cheap/brill art ideas that you've come up with lately? Has everyone already heard of/done this before, and I just missed the train?  Boy, that'd be embarrassing. Would you blame me if I didn't admit that to my son? I like to look cooler than I really am...;)

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  1. From my teaching year, I asked parents to send Styrofoam egg cartons to use as painting trays. I soaks up less of the liquid and are washable and reusable.


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