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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our Scribbled Walls aStore!

Hey there all you lovely, lovely people! I am excited to share with you guys the new aStore that I will be adding to my blog!

You can check it out by clicking here! 

I will also be adding a link to the sidebar of my blog.

What is an aStore? It is a store, hosted through, that allows me to share with you all of my favorite products!

Use the sidebar on the right hand side of the store to navigate the different categories. I separated the products as follows:

Kid's Cooking/Cleaning/Yardwork Tools
Our Favorite Children's  Books
Our Favorite Toys & Games
Our Favorite Art Supplies
Home School Supplies
Cleaning and Organization Supplies (Home)
Cleaning and Organization Supplies (Playroom)

Unfortunately, adding items to the aStore takes FOR-EV-ER, so it is far from comprehensive.  For example, the cleaning and organization sections currently hold 0 items. Woops!

But don't worry,  I do plan on continuing to add items over time! So check back often, there will be plenty of new things to look at. Especially as Christmas gets closer!

For now, the aStore is full of items we either already own and love, or things that we've been eyeing longingly for Christmas and Birthdays =]!

Check it out and let me know what you think! All items are available for purchase directly through the aStore!

(Note: Now that I have opened this store, I am officially an affiliate. However, as always, my opinions are my own and I will be honest to my thoughts and experiences!)


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